We Are The Resolution

It’s that time of year yet again when we make a tonne of promises to ourselves in order to, essentially, change who we are “for the better”. As we all know, these resolutions are more often than not broken within a few weeks, IF we even make it that far! And why the need to change in the first place? It’s not like anything is wrong with us, is there?! Somehow we have bought into the lie that we’re not good enough. I understand that sometimes we need a focus, a goal to work towards and something to be motivated for, however why do resolutions only seem to set us up for failure? One website stated that “80% of New Years resolutions fail by February” and another says only 9% are achieved - these are astonishing figures! We psych ourselves up to be this incredible new version of ourselves or to change our lives in some way and then boom! Epic fail. How does that leave us feeling?! How about uninspired, depressed, frustrated - sound familiar? So why do it to ourselves? Let’s stop it, right now!

This is what I have come to understand: we are all more than enough exactly as we are, without needing to change a damn thing and, guess what? When we cease giving ourselves a hard time and learn to love and accept ourselves where we are right NOW, things magically begin to change with no effort at all. Why? Because there is absolutely zero resistance to change. What is mirrored back at us in life is always a perfect match to the energy we carry. If we project not being good enough, life will find 101 ways to show us that we aren’t but if we learn to trust and believe that we are completely loveable exactly as we are then, guess what? Life will dutifully reflect that back at us too.

So here is my proposal: let’s do away with all the New Year New Me bullshit. It’s nothing but a concept designed to keep us feeling crap about ourselves. Instead of making resolutions we should be reminding ourselves that we already ARE the resolution! Perfect just as we are, in every single way!

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